Cleanroom Filters

Ebraco specialized air filtration

In the surgery room at the hospital or the chemistry laboratory, food processing areas, cosmetics ... the amount of fresh air needed to ensure the safety of our people so Ebraco born to meet the demand for air filtration. Ebraco is one of the production facilities and supply products filter, also known as filters to meet the clean room standards are gradually prevail in Vietnam.
Ebraco believe that the creative staff with advanced quality products, we will give the customer the absolute satisfaction. Along with a team of experienced more than 10 years and base in Malaysia machinery and Vietnam, today's products have common Ebraco Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Ebraco specializes in manufacturing and supply of filtration equipment for the clean room air filters, such as HEPA filters - HEPA filter, Fan Firter Unit - FFU, filter bag - Pocket filter, Filter Pre - Pre Filter and some associated equipment with filters - filter. Products for clean room air filter of Ebraco we produce according to European standards (EN1822)

Its mission is to improve and Ebraco make products closer to the needs of customers, while striving to bring green products to production in order to contribute to building an industry-friendly environment society.
Ebraco always committed to improve the product to deliver a better life for everyone.


The partnership between founders, customers and suppliers are our most valuable asset. We listen to our clients to understand their challenge & insights in real business. We support our customers to improve their performance and quality of life with value-added solutions.


Each person has her or his unique qualities. We value the differences among people. We respect and encourage each person to succeed to his or her full potential. We encourage open communication and team spirit to ensures out long-term success.


We maintain high level of personal integrity and ethical values as it is our hallmark. We do what is 'right', in term of long-term interest of our partners.


We encourage innovation since it the essence to opportunity. We strive to discover new ways to create value to our customers.


We adopt international standards on quality, safety and the environment. We practice a sustainable business model for the well-being of mankind.

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